HEPH_Justin08_webThanks for visitng our wish list!  We are always looking for supplies for our many different programs in addition to our Group Home. Even though it’s still chilly outside, Spring is just around the corner! Time to start thinking about bike helmets and outdoor games!    

Some things, such as DS games, DVDs, and personal care items are always needed. Let us know if you have something specific you think we might be able to use!

Wish list donations can be dropped off with our receptionist at 946 North Boulevard or 1144 Lake Street (5th floor) in Oak Park. If you plan to donate one of the larger items, please contact us first so that we may alert our staff.

If you’d like to do a group donation and your group is looking for inexpensive household items, please go to our Target wishlist.  There are also larger items on that list that have been requested by Group Home staff.  Contact Deb with any questions.

Group Home Wish List

• Neon Blackboard Chalk Markers
• Bop-It games
• Ipod shuffles or other MP3 players (new or used)
• Fun Posters for kids’ rooms
• $15 gift cards to Classic Cinemas (Lake Theater in Oak Park)
Scrapbooks with picture cut-out on front- any color
• Scrapbooking supplies (stickers, paper, cut-outs, etc) new or partially used
• Photo Albums with pockets for kids to take photos with them when they leave
• DVDs or Blue Ray of current kid movies.  (G and PG only: Finding Dory, Trolls, Sing, Monster Trucks)
• New gym shoes in little kids size 12 through big kids size 5
• Gift cards for local bowling alleys and roller skating rinks
• Gift cards for Target and Walmart
Waterproof bedsheet protectors (single size)
• Nintento DS machines and games (used or new: racing games and lego games are favorites)
• Plain white T-shirts & tie-dye kit
• $5 McDonalds gift cards
• AA and AAA batteries
Peel n stick foam craft kits for holidays, fuzzy coloring posters
• Superhero books, dog books, Monster High books
• Play-doh and moon sand and tools and toys to play with these items
• Packs of Sugarless gum in kid-friendly flavors!
Bey Blades, Etch a Sketch, Barbie clothes


Personal Care Items

• Gentle bar soap (Dove, sensitive skin)
• Neosporin
• Chap-Stick/lip balm (need lots of these, they go missing quickly)
• Children’s Ibuprofen, Tylenol, cough medicine and Benadryl
• Kids Battery spin Toothbrushes  (next to the regular kids’ toothbrushes in drugstore)
• Mini deodorant for girls and boys
• Hair products (kids 2-1 shampoo, conditioner, detangler, cream)
Combs and brushes, headbands, ponytail holders, barrettes, bobby pins & clips
• Flat Iron/Hair Straightener
• Small Dixie cups
• Light up tub toys, tub crayons or paint


Foster Care, Head Start, and
Family Support Program Wishes

• laundry soap, baby wipes
• tall locking file cabinet
Tall backed car booster seats with 5 point harness (new or used)
B/W Shape mat
Water Filled Bouncy Balls
• Quack Along pull Ducks
Push Pull Elephant Toy 
• $20 CTA Ventra cards
• Grocery and gas gift cards
• Kitchen items in like-new condition
• High Chair in good condition (used okay)

Day Care Program Wishes

Large Lego Baseplates
• African American Baby Dolls
• Hispanic Baby Dolls
Art Dot Painters
• Art/painting smocks for small children
• Sand/water play table
• Baking set for toaster over (bread pan, muffin, baking sheet)
• Blender, electric skillet, crock pot
• 12 Passenger Van in good condition with seatbelts

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