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Hephzibah promotes the safety, health and happiness of children and families through a continuum of award-winning child care and child welfare programs.

The Diagnostic Treatment Center at Hephzibah Home

Our Diagnostic Treatment Center, where abused and neglected children undergo a 90-day period of stabilization and evaluation, is the only diagnostic shelter for children between the ages of 3 and 12 in Illinois. It is also one of the few group homes in the state that accepts children being discharged from pediatric psychiatric hospitals. About 80 percent of the children served by our Diagnostic Treatment Center are admitted after inpatient psychiatric treatment. These children come from all over Illinois—and many have nowhere else to turn. Learn more >

The Residence at Hephzibah Home

Our Residence, which provides long-term therapeutic support for severely traumatized children, is internationally recognized for its successful outcomes. Over the years, we have rehabilitated hundreds of children traumatized by the state’s worst cases of abuse and neglect, disrupted adoptions or multiple failed placements in foster homes. At Hephzibah, these children are given the intensive therapeutic supports they need to heal, surrounded by love and optimism and enriched with a wide variety of recreational and cultural activities. After a one- to two-year stay, many are ready to love and live in a family again. Since the Residence was established in 1992, more than 500 children have found a safe haven and a place to heal at Hephzibah Home. Learn more >

Foster Care

Our award-winning Foster Care Program ensures that there are licensed foster families available to open their homes and their hearts to children in transition. Our dedicated foster parents have been specially trained to provide the love, constancy and additional support needed to help traumatized children heal and learn to trust again. Sometimes foster care is a temporary arrangement while parents and children receive the counseling, services and support they need to succeed as a family unit. At other times, foster care can be a steppingstone to a warm and loving adoptive home. Learn more >

Award-Winning Day Care

Hephzibah’s award-winning Day Care Program offers a nurturing, enriching day care experience for Oak Park children after school and during the summer months. Our sliding-scale fees are offset by financial aid when necessary to ensure that every family in our community has access to high-quality day care services and enrichment activities such as art, movement and music workshops; physical activities such as swimming and ice skating; field trips to cultural, educational and recreational destinations; and more. We also meet the needs of Day Care families with social services such as parent education and support groups, respite care, referrals and direct assistance with items such as bus passes, grocery store gift certificates, clothing, school supplies and sports equipment. Learn more >

Early Head Start and Head Start

Each year, scores of infants, toddlers and preschoolers are nurtured, educated and enriched by Hephzibah’s Early Head Start and Head Start  programs as they engage in activities that promote school readiness and foster their development in language, literacy, mathematics, science, creative arts, social and emotional functioning, physical skills and learning skills. Learn more >

Family Services

When families begin to fracture from social pressures such as joblessness, chronic illness, mental instability, homelessness or substance abuse, children are often the first to suffer. Because every child deserves to live in a safe and nurturing environment—free from abuse and neglect—Hephzibah offers a wide range of support and intervention programs for families in crisis. Learn more >

Camp HepSIBah

Seventy-five percent of all neglected and abused children are separated from one or more of their siblings when they enter the child welfare system. The effects of this separation can be devastating for children who are already mourning the loss of their parents, their familiar home and school environments, their peers and their communities. To help mend these broken sibling bonds, Hephzibah founded Camp HepSIBah, an annual sibling camp that reunites brothers and sisters living in different group, foster or adoptive homes. Each summer, more than 50 siblings enjoy traditional camp experiences while creating shared memories that will last a lifetime. Learn more > 

Academic and Cultural Enrichment

The children in our group and foster homes come to us with energy, curiosity, gifts and many gaps in their education. In 1999, Hephzibah launched a comprehensive educational initiative to help these children succeed academically, because education is their ticket to a full and promising life. Through an intensive program of reading clinics, after-school tutoring, educational partnerships, workshops in the arts and cultural expeditions, Hephzibah expands their educational and cultural horizons—so that they can begin to see themselves as talented, accomplished individuals who have much to contribute to society. Learn more >