Love for Children Leads to Rewarding Journey

Meet Hephzibah friends Diane and Perry Pero

In the Pero family, “children are everything” and that credo extends far beyond familial boundaries. For more than 20 years, Diane and Perry Pero have been devoted Hephzibah supporters, generously giving their time, their expertise and their resources to benefit the children and families Hephzibah serves.

“It started with one step and the next thing you know, it’s a journey,” Diane says, reflecting on their many connection points over the years. In addition to serving on numerous committees and as event sponsors, Diane and Perry – who are now retired from their careers as a high school teacher and as vice chair for Northern Trust Corporation, respectively – maintain a close connection to the children and to Hephzibah’s mission. The recently completed bathroom renovation at the group home was made possible thanks to their generous gift.

“We participate and contribute to places where there is a direct effect. The work that takes place at Hephzibah is awe inspiring,” Diane says. “There are so many children out there could benefit from Hephzibah.”

While they now live in Chicago, the Peros raised their two children in Oak Park. Their son, Arthur, is now raising his own family in his childhood home. “Having Hephzibah in the community is such a blessing – the care the children receive is very intense, yet it is caring, very personal and nurturing. I wish there were more programs like this where there are people who have real understanding, are hands on and committed to helping the children grow,” Diane says.

“I can’t think of a better place for the children and it is so rewarding to support an institution that is making such a difference in children’s lives.”

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